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[Photo-Story] Who will be gone?


In my doll family I'm the invisible and omnipresent owner. They live their lives and they don't know I exist, but I've always been curious about those owners who are part of their dolls lives. Some of them are called "lady", "sir", "mom" or "dad." I thought "what if I broke the fourth wall at least for one day", and I spread the false rumour that I was getting a new doll, and in order to get this done I'd have to get rid of one of them. Many of them listened to it while a few didn't. Those who did explained to me why they should stay here (or not).

Glenn: "It has been said that you will get rid of one of us. It won't be me, obviously, as I must be one, if not your favorite."
Me: "You surely got high self-esteem."
Glenn: "It is more than obvious, beside I was one of your first characters. We've been together for longer than a decade."
Me: "I know ;_; "

Glenn: "Given I'm so special then... Could I ask you to redo my face-up? I've been having this face-up for three years."
Me: "Sure why not, whenever I get the time =_= "

Paul: "Hum... hey. It doesn't matter if I will be the one who will be gone. I know there are others you like more than me."
Me: "Awww don't say that, you're my favorite character (although I wish I could find a more suitable sculpt for you). Beside if I didn't like you I wouldn't have spent so much in what you're wearing right now X_X"

Paul: "That is very flattering. Could I ask you to open my eyes from time to time?"
Me: "Your other head is dirty so I have to redo it. But don't worry, I'm planning something special ; )"
Paul: "Thank you very much."

Coltrane: "It is obvious that you won't get rid of me. Not only I was your first serious character, but also your first resin item ever."
Me: "You surely are Glenn's son."

Coltrane: "Come again?"
Me: "Nothing." 9__9
Coltrane: "You should get rid of him."
Me: "No!" ;_;

Coltrane: "Then get rid of the brat. Seriously, why do I look so miserable as a child? He's giving me a bad image."
Me: "He's part of you! That's your childhood right there!"
Coltrane: "Couldn't you have written a less traumatic back-story?

Little Coltrane: "May I say something?"
Coltrane: "No!"

Aison: "So you'll be replacing someone. It won't be me, as it would be a huge monetary loss. Beside I have the most expensive eyes and hair."
Me: "Don't worry you are untouchable =_= "

Aison: "If so, could I ask you to get me another body? I'm the almighty Aison Kolias and I have the body of a heroin addict."
Me: "This is what you've got and it's settled!"

Loren: "At the beginning I was your only one and you loved me so much... But as others arrived you've been forgetting about me."
Me: "Don't say that, I still like you... " 

Loren: "Don't worry, I understand you, and I forgive you. But please, think a little bit more about me."
Me: "I will... " T_T

Morten: "... "
Me: "... o.o "
Morten: "... "
Me: "<__<   >__>"

Helena: "I know I am not your favorite and it's very possible that I'll get replaced. Not only I am Morten's accessory but also you made him a serial killer right after we got married."
Me: "I'm really sorry about that, it was not intentional >_< "

Helena: "Let me know when it is time to go so I'll be preparing my luggage."
Me: "You're not going anywhere ;_; You're my only adult woman. If you're gone there will be a hormonal imbalance. By the way, I always wanted to ask you something..."
Helena: "What is it?"

Me: "Who's Martin's real dad?"
Helena: "Like I'm gonna tell you."
Me: "If we take in mind dolly genetics, the most likely candidate is Pavel."
Helena: "That nitty Russian? How dare you?"

Donaven: "..."
Me: "Is there anything you'd like to tell me?"
Donaven: "No."
Me: "Are you sure?"

Donaven: "No! I don't know anything."
Me: "What are you talking about?" @__@
Donaven: "I won't tell anyone!"

Donaven: "Leave me alone, boohoohoo!"
Me: "What? X_X What happened?"

Martin: "I've heard that one of us will leave. Is that true?"
Me: "Could be true, could be not."

Martin: "Alright, I'm sure it won't be me."
Me: "Why are you so sure about it?"
Martin: "Because I'm always happy."
Me: "That's a good point ^^"

Ezequiel: "Is it true that one of us will get replaced?"
Me: "Maybe."
Ezequiel: "It won't be me. I'm your only tan doll with the best Spanish name. I'm the interracial element in this place"
Me: "There is also a Chinese guy."

Ezequiel: "He doesn't count. Btw, could I get better hair? This is awful even for hipster standards."
Me: "That was my second wig, leave me alone!" ;_;

Pavel: "It won't be me the one who'll leave ))))"
Me: "Why are you so sure about that?"
Pavel: "Because the same hate unites us. We hate the same things."
Me: "Well that's true. But we don't love the same things... "

Pavel: "You've got a point. You have an awful wardrobe."
Me: "You're so funny."
Pavel: "Since you love me so much, could I ask you a favor?  Could I be something more OOAK? Something more original than a Soom Chrom?"
Me: "No, you'll remain like this."

Pavel: "But half of the Russian Federation collectors own one! ((((("
Me: "Well, isn't that ironic?"

Tamuz: "I have an advantage over others. You can not get rid of me."
Me: "Don't remind me of that. Your head broke again ;_; "
Tamuz: "Right. In order to sell me you need to fix me first. I don't even know how I'm talking to you right now."

Me: "Give me some time, I'm thinking about what to do... "
Tamuz: "It would be a shame if something happened to your cat."
Me: "No blackmail! Leave my cat out of this."

Stravos: "Most likely it is me who will leave, so I'm going to ask you a favor."
Me: "Which is... ?"

Stravos: "Could you tell Tori she's your favorite? That would make her so happy. And oh yes, don't leave her alone with Tamuz."
Me: "Awww, you are very considerate with Tori, and just because of that I won't let you go ^^"

Tori: "I've heard that you'll say goodbye to someone, so I hope it is not me, because I'm your favourite one, ain't I?"
Me: "Eh... Yes ^^U"

Tori: "Weee! I knew it! Thank you so much."
Yo: "How could I be without you? But please, take off those crocs X_X"

Me: "¿Tian?"
Tian: "Yes?"
Me: "Won't you say anything?"
Tian: "Thank you for the laptop, I guess?"
Me: "You're welcome... "

Marko: "Wassup? So someone will leave, is that right?"
Me: "Maybe, but don't worry. It won't be you."

Marko: "Alright. To show you that I like you I'm not drinking right now."
Me: "But you will do it in five minutes..."
Marko: "Most likely."

Lukkas: "Well, I know I was never your favorite one. As soon as I arrived you took off my body and gave it to Coltrane and I've been remaining a floating head since then. You've even tried giving my head for free without success."
Me: "I'm so sorry about that T__T."
Lukkas: "Do not worry. Despite not belonging here, you gave me a chance and a place to stay after all. As a token of appreciation I'll play a song."
Me: "You're going to make me cry... "

Volodymyr: "Let's be honest here. I don't care if you kick me out or if I stay. But if I'm the one to go, could I get a new body and a nice suit while we're at it?"
Me: "Those are in the works. I need to save some more alright? What do you guys think I'm made of? Money?"
Volodymyr: "Maybe I could teach you one thing or two. You obviously know nothing about economy."
Me: "That would be very kind of you."

Vanja: "Well, I've seen how you've been talking to each and every one of us. But I do know who is your favorite. And that's me."
Me: "Shhh. Don't say that out loud."

Vanja: "So it was true! I was just trying my luck. In that case, could I get a new sweater that won't make me look so skinny?"
Me: "What about you go and work out? 9__9 "

Vanja: "In that case I'll need a new body."
Me: "Mmmk, I'll be checking out sweaters for you... "

Suzume: "We're made of vinyl and that is why we should stay here."
Me: "Yes, you guys pose like no one ^^"

Akemi: "Those resin guys are a bunch of losers. They all had to sit down."
Suzume: "Akemi, That is very disrespectful!"
Little fairy: "Teehehehe."
Me: XD

And that is all folks. After this long session I've realized I've TOO MANY dolls and I don't need any more. But also I won't get rid of any of them. Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this ^^

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  1. Tengo que comentar porque maravillas así se ven rara vez!. Me he quedado sin palabras!, me has alegrado el día en serio, soy tu fan namber guan!!!, qué pasada!, ya no solo la idea de hacer la entrevista, que ya eso de por sí es lo más, sino lo bien que lo has hecho todo, las fotos, las posturas y sobre todo los diálogos!, es fantástico ver lo bien definidos que tienes a tus muñecos, sus personalidades y el cariño que les tienes a todos!

    Ha habido momentos en los que me he reído mucho y otros en los que me he puesto triste, ha sido como si estuvieran realmente vivos y estuvieran hablando contigo de verdad, impresionante!!

    sin duda mi favorito por guapo es Stravos, desde el momento en que Soom lo sacó caí rendida a sus pies, no puede ser más guapo!, y me he reído mucho con Coltrane y Coltrancito (qué idea más genial) pero sobre todo me reí con Moltren y Tian, y debo decir que realmente me pareció que Helena estuviera viva!!, cada postura que le has puesto es como si realmente hiciera muecas y se moviera de verdad, hasta la boca parece que la moviera!!

    Solo me queda por decir que enhorabuena por ese arte que tienes!!, adoro tus foto-historias y tus muñecos!!!!!, muchas gracias por compartir!!

  2. me ha encantado! me he reido un montón! como ha dicho Brighteyes parecía que estaban hablando de verdad con su personalidad! me encantaría ser tan ingeniosa haciendo historias con mi familia ^^ estoy deseando ver más

  3. This was fantastic! I laughed, I cried, and I so happy that Morten wouldn't dignify the proceedings with a single word. After all, he's the badass who buried Helena in the snow. And the introduction of the vinyl/resin debate was hilarious as well. Resin losers, indeed!

  4. This is hilarious! I'm very amused :D

    What happened to poor Tamuz's head, though?? (I love him -- it's hard to pick a favorite among your dolls, but he's just so amazing!)