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[Photo-Story] Idealian vs Herculean


Marko: "Rumors are that you think you're superior than everyone else here."
Tamuz: "They're not rumors. They're a fact."

Marko: "I see... You really need to develop humility, my friend. How would you like a challenge?"
Tamuz: "Do you really want me to beat the crap out of you?"

Marko: "That won't happen. I'm taller than you. I would obviously win that type of challenge."
Tamuz: "I'm a demon! I'm obviously stronger than you, human!"

Marko: "Dude, beating is overrated. I propose something more... Original (and brutal)."
Tamuz: "What is this that you suggest then?"
Marko: "A posing challenge."

Tamuz: "A posing challenge? What the heck is that? Sounds like something more suited for cheerleaders."

Marko: "Are you a chicken now? You know you won't win, that's what happens."
Tamuz: "I'm no chicken!"

Tamuz: "I'm going to show you what I'm made of; you'll be amazed at my extraordinary flexibility."
Marko: "Varmasti."

Marko: "Let's start with an easy one. Can you touch your face?"
Tamuz: "Sure, piece of cake."

Marko: "Cool. Now can you touch your back?"
Tamuz: "Hum... Almost."

Marko: "How about this?"
Tamuz: "Ugh... "

Tamuz: "... Nope, not possible. I can barely sit down."
Marko: "Thought so."

Marko: "How about this? Can you do this?"
Tamuz: "No, I know I can't... My knees barely support my upper weight."

Marko: "And this?"
Tamuz: "OK stop it! I got the point."

Tamuz: "To my deffense I have to say that I own this, and I'm 110% sure you don't. If this does not make me superior than everyone else, I don't know what else will."

Marko: "That's pretty rad dude, but do you also own something like this?"
Tamuz: "..."

Tamuz: "OK, I got it! You pose better and you have better optional parts! Are you happy?"
Marko: *chuckles*

Tamuz: "However I am still superior than you! Once my skull cracked into 5 clean pieces... And I made it alive!"
Marko: "That's nothing, my head was opened two cms wider to fit into this body!"
Tamuz: "..."

Tamuz: "... You know what? I'm just realizing something... "
Marko: "Yeah dude, me too... "

Marko: "I'm so sorry dude! I didn't know you were this abused!"
Tamuz: "No, I am the one who owes an apology..."

And all of a sudden they became Canadians, making me look like the worse owner ever :V

PS: They were both cheating.

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  1. LOL! I LOVE this! So fantastic! Your dolls are so amazing.