miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Soap Opera


Kristen: "Hello guys."
Vanja: "I called Sakuno and she said it was OK to visit over."
Marko: "I just came over because reasons."

Kristen: "It's all good. Sakuno really wanted to see you, Vanja... "

Vanja: "Is that so? I couldn't identify her state of mind through the cellphone. Didn't know whether she was happy or crying or what."

Sakuno: "Vanja!!!"
Vanja: "Speaking of the devil... "

Sakuno: "Vanja my love!" * glomp *

Sakuno: "I missed you so, so much!"
Vanja: "Me too Sakuno, me too."
Marko: "You guys are funny."

Sakuno: "No, YOU are the funny guy here. What's with the posh sweater?"
Marko: "... "

Sakuno: "Anyway, let's sit on the couch! <3"
Vanja: "As you wish, my lady."

Kristen: "I'm glad to finally see Sakuno happy again. She was so depressed we didn't know what to do."
Marko: "Heh, Vanja wasn't any better."
Kristen: "I know, we saw some pictures."

Marko: "Do you have anything to drink?"
Kristen: "We have champagne. I know you're used to vodka. By the way, why are you wearing your grandpa's sweater?"
Marko: "... "

Sakuno: "I'm so glad you came over (and that you called!) I wanted to tell you so many things!"
Vanja: "... Yes, me too. I have some funny anecdotes to share."

Little Annie: "I can't stand being in the same room as these people."

Marko: "Hah, look at those two. They look so much like teenagers I'm afraid I'll start seeing acne on their faces."

Kristen: "I like your sense of humor almost as much as your silly sweater."

Marko: "I just wanted to make an impression OK? Oh oh, look at who's coming, isn't that the famous cousin?"

Edward: "Vanja, so you finally dared to show yourself. And why are you with Sakuno? Do you have any idea of how much she suffered?"

Vanja: "Chill out dude, we're together again and I believe we learned our lesson."
Sakuno: "I know I did."

Edward: "Sakuno, he's part of a band. He's the kind of guys who's always touring and looking for groupies. I think you should seriously consider your choice of partner... "

Sakuno: "... "
Vanja: "Don't listen to her, Sakuno. He's just jealous he can't have a girlfriend as adorable as you are."
Edward: "I can't believe how childish you are. Nobody can really understand what she saw in you, it's a mystery."
Vanja: "Lalalala, I can't hear you!"


Manaka: "What? What's going on?!"

Saskia: "Uh... "
Manaka: "Why is there a giant guy on our bed reeking of alcohol and hugging our Kitty-chan pillow?"

Manaka: "Why do these guys keep on coming here?!"

Kristen: "It's OK Manaka. He's not used to champagne, that's all. He'll be good to go in a few hours... Or until I'll kick him. Whichever comes first"

Manaka: We had our own problems already, we don't need these men any more in our lives!"

Poor Manaka = (

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