miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Lovebirds


Vanja: "Hey Saskia, do you know why Sakuno is taking so long?"
Saskia: "I think she's prepping to go out with you."

Saskia: "She wants to look pretty for you."

Vanja: "But she's pretty already, why do women do that?"

Vanja: "Why do women take so long? What is it that they do?"
Saskia: "We have to wear creams, and perfume, and make-up... "

Vanja: "... Yeh, Yeh, yeh, and eyeliner and lipstick and all that."
Saskia: "Yup."

Vanja: "Saskia... What are you doing?"
Saskia: "You should be proud of being a redhead. Hairpins look good on us."
Amy: *Giggles*

Vanja: "No, stop it! I shouldn't be wearing this!"
Saskia: "But... "
Sakuno: (Off-screen) "Vanja!!"

Vanja: "Oh, no... "

Sakuna: "... I'm ready."

Sakuna: "Those hairpins look cute on you."
Vanja: "Eh... "
Saskia: "I chose black and red for him; I think they look good, what do you think?"

Vanja: "Hello Sakuno, you know how children are... "

Vanja: "You look really pretty today. By the way, I brought a gift for you."

Sakuno: "It's domokun!"

Vanja: "Yup. Look, this is Lukkas playing a solo, and this is me singing with all my lungs."

Vanja: "And these are us yelling for no reason at all."

Sakuno: "How cute, I wonder what's inside."

Sakuno: "It's a pink domo!"
Saskia: "So pretty!!"

Sakuno: "It's adorable! How did you know I liked pink?"
Vanja: "I had a hunch."

Sakuno: "Oh, I love it -I'm bringing it with me while we're going for a walk. Sakura: trees are looking beautiful today."


Vanja: "... And that's how I recovered my stolen driver's license."

Sakuno: "Yes... "
Vanja: "Yes what?"

Vanja: "Hum... "

Vanja: "Did you know that the other day I found a candy elephant in my balcony, asking me if it was going to rain cucumbers?"

Sakuno: "Uhu... "

Vanja: "Sakuno, are you paying attention to what I'm saying?"
Sakuno: "Yes... "

Sakuno: "I love you so much!"
Vanja: *Smile* "Heh, I love you too, Sakuno."

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