miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Thank you!


Akemi: "Hum... "

Akemi: "My drawings are really bad."

Akemi: "This is so frustrating. I really wanted to draw something pretty as a 'thank you' for Mrs. Salica."

Tori: "Don't be too harsh on yourself, I'm sure she'll like whatever you draw for her."
Akemi: "That's not true, I have no skills at all."

Akemi: "I give up."

Tori: "You know what? I know of someone who can draw really well. Maybe he can help you draw something nice for her."
Akemi: "Who is him?"

Tori: "The 'Red Giant.' Daddy says he's only good at painting and flirting... I think."

Akemi: "The 'Red Giant' you say?"

Tori: *ehem* "Hello Mr. Red Giant!"
Glenn: "C'mon Tori you know my name."
Tori: "It's more fun saying 'Red Giant' than 'Mr. Glenn.'"

Glenn: "I guess so, but I don't want to scare your friends."

Akemi: "My name is Akemi."
Jenny: "Jenny here!"

Tori: "So, Mr. Red Giant, could we ask you a favor? My friend Akemi needs a nice drawing from you."

Akemi: "Please, please, please, I don't know what to do!"
Glenn: "A drawing? What would you like me to draw for you?"

Tori: "A dinosaur!"

Akemi: "A dinosaur? Why?"
Tori: "'Cuz they're super awesome!"

Glenn: "A dinosaur will be then."
Akemi: "T-thank you."

Glenn: "What type of dinasaur?"
Tori: "The one with the short arms and giant claws."
Glenn: "OK... "

Glenn: "Something like this, maybe?"
Akemi: "Ohhh!"
Tori: "I can't see, I can't see!"

Tori: "Oh yes, that is nice, very nice."

Akemi: "Could you add some wings, sir?"
Glenn: "Wings? You children have lots of imagination. Alright then."

Glenn: "There you go, wings."
Tori: "Yes, I'm liking it."

Tori: "How about a horn? Like a unicorn horn?"
Glenn: "Why a horn? It's a dinosaur."

Tori: "Dunno. It already has wings so doesn't matter."
Glenn: "I guess you're right."

Glenn: "Here, your pegauniraptor."
Akemi: "Thank you so much!"

Tori: "No, wait! Let's make it pink!"
Glenn: "But that's a red crayon."
Tori: "I know, just don't press too hard."

Glenn: "I'm sorry kiddo but I've got things to do. Just finish it yourself like one of your coloring book pages, OK?"
Tori: "Uh... OK, I guess."

Akemi: "Thank you very much sir, you've been of great help!"
Glenn: "You're welcome. It was nice meeting you Akemi."

Akemi: "I'm going to finish this. Jenny, bring the camera while I give the final touch ups."
Jenny: "Yes, ma'am!"

Jenny: "I'm ready! 10, 9, 8... "
Akemi: "Come here, Jenny, run!"

Jenny: "Say cheese!"

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