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[Photo-Story] Soap Opera (Part 3)


Edward: "I can't believe Lady Salica went to Japan and didn't bring me anything... "

Marko: "Hey dude who are you talking to?"
Edward: "Nobody, I was just thinking aloud. What's the matter?"

Marko: "Have you seen Kristen? I've been looking around the place... "
Edward: "Have you tried the bathroom?"
Marko: "Dude I can't peek there!"

Anastasia: "Most likely she's there, prepping for you."

Anastasia: "By the way, where is Vanja?"

Marko: "Didn't you know? He's got the pest. You really don't want to be close to him right now... "
Anastasia: "Oh, poor him!"

Jana: "Who's that person?"

Anastasia: "How come you don't know? Oh yes right, you're still new to this place aren't you? He's the coolest singer ever!"

Edward: "I beg to differ" *cough* "I can't consider him 'cool' or his growling 'singing'."

Marko: "You won't give it a rest, will ya? Are you jealous maybe? That you're surrounded by girls yet you remain single?"
Edward: "I'm not jealous!"

Marko: "Oh yes, yes you are. Wake up dude, you're in heaven!"

Marko: "I mean look at her."

Marko: "Or her!"

Marko: "Or... ! No, not her, she's off limits. Wait three more years."
Anastasia: *___*

Edward: "It is not that easy! Girls nowadays like the bad guys. I don't understand this bloody trend! I am going to become a doctor yet they prefer guys like... Like your kind!"
Marko: "Stop being jealous dude, not good for your health."
Edward: "I am NOT jealous!"

Kristen: *Ehem* "Am I interrupting something?"
Marko: "Eh... "

Marko: "... No, not at all. Kristen, what happened to you?"

Kristen: "What do you mean what happened to me?"

Marko: "Dunno... It's strange looking at you wearing that, that's all."

Kristen: "You really don't get it, do you? I thought it was every man's dream to have a Japanese school girlfriend. Isn't that your fetish or something?"

Marko: "Yes! I mean... No, I mean... Anyway, would you like to-?"

Kristen: "-Go out? Yes, for sure! Let's go to the movies, then have dinner and all that dating protocol. That fine?"
Marko: "I was thinking burgers in downtown but that works too."

Kristen: "Awesome, let's go!"
Marko: "OK, OK... "
Edward: "Déjà vu."

Anastasia: "Aww, aren't they cute? Love is such an amazing and powerful thing!"
Sakura: "Teehee, teenagers."

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