miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Love hurts


Vanja: "Boohoho... Sakuno, why... " *sob*
Marko: "Can't stand this guy when he's like this."

Marko: "Dude, why did you cheat on her?"
Vanja: "I didn't," *sob* "I was just talking to her sister... Tried to hook you guys up."

Marko: "Don't be absurd, I can do that on my own! Don't need anybody's help!"

Vanja: *sob* "Just wanted to help... Boohohoho."
Marko: "Can't believe you two didn't even last a week together."
Tian: "Am I the only one here concerned about us being forced to play sappy, spite songs?"

Everyone: ".... "
Tian: "Just sayin'."

Marko: *SLAP* "Man up!"
Vanja: "Ouch!"

Vanja: "Why does everyone hit me?"
Marko: "Hear me out! Put yourself together. There are plenty of fish in the sea... You hear me? Plenty!"
Vanja: "But she was spechul..." *sob*

Marko: "Are you recording this, MingMing?"
Tian: "Do not call me MingMing."

Marko: "Don't you ever let a woman convert you into something like... This. But what's most important:"

Marko: "NEVER-"

Marko: "WRITE-"

Marko: "SONGS-"


Marko: "We play songs about our ancestors, the mighty creatures of the forests, how cool is being drunk... Heck, even about our crappy weather. But remember: NEVER spite songs, OK?"
Vanja: Yes... " *sob*
Marko: "Promise?"
Vanja: "OK... "
Lukkas: "This guy will forget about all this once he gets sober."


Vanja: "Guys, I composed a song this morning while I had a hell of a headache. Working title is 'Goodbye'"
Manager: "OK start playing."

Vanja: "Starts with a moody and slow guitar solo."
Tian: *looks at everyone else*

Vanja: "I always trusted you / Now I feel alone / And I am praying to the stars... " ♫

Vanja: "... And I'm asking to the moon / that you get back to me... * ♪ 

Vanja: "What the... What did I do now!!??"
Manager: "Behave guys, I'm not your babysitter."

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