miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Forgiveness


Marko: "Are you still mad because I didn't show up the other day?"
Kristen: "What do you think?"

Kristen: "I can't imagine the amount of alcohol you had to drink to have such a hangover."
Marko: "It was a lot. And I really didn't feel well."

Kristen: "Well, this is the part when you start asking for my forgiveness."

Marko: "You're right. And I'm sorry. "
Kristen: "... That's it?"

Marko: "... And I promise I'll stop drinking."

Edward: "Pffft yeah sure."

Kristen: "I don't believe you."
Marko: "What? Why?"

Kristen: "Because I know your kind. You guys are all the same and you're only perpetuating the stereotype."

Marko: "I might be part of a stereotype to you. But I do have my reasons. Do you have any idea of how cold winters are in Helsinki?"

Kristen: "I don't care! You... !"
Marko: "OK OK that was a bad excuse. But I promise I'll start drinking soft drinks from now."

Marko: "Like this er... Grape splash soda can... Which might have too much sugar on it anyway."

Kristen: "Uhm... I think you better stick to water. And orange juice."

Marko: "OK, will do."
Edward: (he's lying!!!)

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