miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] The Buried Treasure


Martin: "According to this map... "

Martin: "... The treasure is buried... "

Martin: "... Right here."

Coltrane: "Good. Now there is only one way to know if you're right. Donaven, hang over the shovel."
Donaven: "Uh... "

Donaven: "There is no shovel."

Coltrane: "What do you mean there is no shovel? It was your responsibility!"
Donaven: "I'm sorry but I didn't want to use any of dad's tools. He can turn really scary if something is missing."

Martin: "Our dad is never scary!"
Donaven: "Oh Martin, I wish I could live in your fantasy world."

Coltrane: "So what if you take his shovel? Will he crack a whip on your back?"
Donaven: "What? Of course not!"

Coltrane: "Well if he does not do that then what you're afraid of?"

Akemi: "Eh... Coltrane, what are you doing?"

Coltrane: "What does it look like? I'll dig the treasure myself with my own hands..."

Coltrane: "... And I'll need some help. Anybody?"
Everybody else: "Uh... "

Donaven: "I-I can't do that. I'll get my clothing dirty!"
Martin: "What he said. Sorry Cole."

Coltrane: "Alright I had it with you guys! And fed up with all of you."

Coltrane: "I can't stand your stupid smile!"
Martin: "What? Why?"

Coltrane: "And you're a wuss."
Donaven: "You might be right about that."

Coltrane: "And you are crazy!"
Akemi: "I'm not crazy."

Akemi: "Hey Mr. Bamboo, I think he's the crazy one. He talks about adults cracking whips on children's backs."

Coltrane: "You really think I was joking huh?"

Coltrane: "You guys have no idea how lucky you are. Mommy's and daddy's kids."

Coltrane: "There. I wasn't lying."
Donaven: "A-Are those real??!"
Coltrane: "'Course they are!"

Akemi: *gasp*
Donaven: "I... I think I'm gonna faint."
Coltrane: "So will you help me dig the treasure?"

Coltrane: "Yes or no?"
Donaven: "I think I'll bring the shovel."
Martin: "I-I'll go with you."

Akemi: "Guys... Why are you leaving?"

Coltrane: *sits down and sighs* "It's OK, I think they were shocked."

Akemi: "Huh... Hey Cole, would you like to talk to Mr. Bamboo?"
Coltrane: "Yes, why not."

Akemi: "Alright."
Mr. Bamboo: "Hello Coltrane. Can you tell again where you come from?"
Coltrane: "I told you I come from down the border... And from the past, but don't ask me how it happened. I don't know."

Mr. Bamboo: "It's OK. Some things need to remain a mystery. What's your favorite color?"
Coltrane: "Blue I guess."

Mr. Bamboo: "Like the river? Like your pretty eyes?"
Coltrane: "D-Do you think my eyes are pretty?"
Mr. Bamboo: "Yes I think so." ^_^
Coltrane: "Oh, thanks... You are very nice Mr. Bamboo... I mean Akemi."

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