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[Photo-Story] Iron Fist Manaka


Nestor: "So, hum... What is this game called again?"

Rebecca: "It's called Lego. You just interlock these bricks to create shapes."

Saskia: "How come you don't know what Lego is? Were you living under a rock?"

Rebecca: "Judging by his clothes he seems like he came from the past."

Nestor: "Actually you're about right."

Nestor: "Where I am from we play with marbles, skipping ropes, kites, wooden toys and soldiers."

Manaka: (Oh no, another one of MayYeo's boys! He's going to cast a spell on Saskia, I know!)

Saskia: "That seems so interesting! Please tell me how did you come to this era?"

Manaka: (I knew it!)
Kitty: "Hey Manaka, what are you doing?"

Manaka: (Shhh! MayYeo brought another one of her boys, and he's trying to cast a spell on Saskia, just like Martin did with Becca and the adults with my other sisters).
Kitty: (Oh... That sounds terrible! What can we do about it?)

Manaka: (We need to get rid of him as soon as possible).

Kitty: (Maybe do something he won't like?)

Manaka: (You're right! I have an idea! *whispers whispers* )
Kitty: (Ooooh!)

Nestor: "... And that's how I came to this place!"
Saskia: "That sounds so exciting!!"
Rebecca: "That was a really cool story indeed!"

Kitty: *ehem* "Hey girls, our mum got a couple of packages for you!"

Rebecca and Saskia: "Oh?"
Kitty: "Yes! A new helmet for Becca and a ton of crisps for you, Saskia!"

Rebecca: "A new helmet you said??"
Kitty: "Yes! I think you will love it!"

Kitty: "They're gone."

Nestor: "Can I also go and take a look?"

Manaka: "No! You will remain where you're sitting!"

Nestor: "I want to see the helmet... "
Manaka: "No, you can't."
Nestor: "Why not?"

Kitty: "Because we won't let you!"
Manaka: "You'll regret the day that you came to our place!"

Nestor: "W-what? Please girls, you're scaring me here."

Kitty: "Good! How dare you and the other boys cast spells on our sisters!"
Nestor: " What are you talking about?"

Manaka: "Don't play innocent. I've seen how each one of our sisters has fallen to the charms of the likes of you."
Nestor: "I have no idea what you're saying!"
Manaka: "Don't play innocent! You'll be punished for this!"
Kitty: "Mwahahaha!"
Nestor: "Heeelp!"

Manaka: "Serves you right. This will teach you a lesson. Let the other boys see you so they'll learn that no one should mess with Manaka and her sisters."
Nestor: *sobs* "What did I do to deserve this?"
Manaka: "Being a boy."

Nestor: "Booohohooo... I'm gonna tell my mom!"
Manaka: "Yeah, go away, weakling!"

Kitty: "Hum... I feel we were a little too hard on him."
Manaka: "Nonsense!"

Saskia: "Manaka, Kitty told us our mom had yummy crisps for me. She gave me the old ones!"
Rebecca: "And she did not have a new helmet for me!"
Manaka: "Uh... "

Manaka: "It was Nestor's fault. He was spreading rumours and Kitty fell in his trap. You were all fooled by him."
Saskia and Rebecca: "... "

Manaka: "I told you boys were evil. I now declare this territory boy-free! Rejoice, my sisters! A new era has begun."
Saskia and Rebecca: "Uh.... "
Kitty: *facepalms* "Manaka, you're just going too far... "

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  1. Oh dear, Manaka certainly has a mind of her own and the will to use it!