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[Photo-Story] Pink and White ornaments


Sakuno: "Hello Vanja, it makes me so glad to see you here!"
Vanja: "Same here. You look so... "

Vanja: "... Big. Er I mean... Sexy. You look sexy today."
Sakuno: "Oh, thank you" *blushes*

Vanja: "Nice decoration. Are you celebrating something? Day of the white and pink ornaments maybe?"
Sakuno: "N-no... "

Vanja: "Anyway, this is Marko. You remember him right?"
Sakuno: "Of course, I asked him to give Manaka some drum lessons. (She really needs them)."

Sakuno: "But I will ask you to leave the Vodka somewhere else."
Marko: "Yes ma'am."

Sakuno: "By the way, why did you bring sunglasses? It's not that sunny today."
Vanja: "To hide from the paparazzis."
Marko: "What paparrazzis, what are you saying?"

Vanja: "The paparazzis dude, I'm hella famous."
Marko: "How can you be famous if we're just starting? Who listens to us in Canada?"

Sakuno: "I do."
Vanja: "She does."
Marko: "Yes, and our mums."

Vanja: "You are very negative, don't mine my morale!"
Marko: "Whatever." * sigh * "I'll go find Manaka."
Vanja: "Yes, go, leave us alone."

Sakuno: "So... May I ask what's the purpose of your visit?"
Vanja: "Just needed to tell you a couple of things."

Vanja: "Let's just sit down, shall we?"

Sakuno: "So, what is it?"
Vanja: "First things first. A distant relative from Scotland is coming to Canada. You must understand that our place is pretty cramped, and Lady Salica acknowledged he could stay here among you girls (we don't really get along anyway)."

Sakuno: "A... A relative? Does he look like you?"
Vanja: "No, I'm way cooler and more handsome. He's a very boring dude to be honest."

Sakuno: "Why did mom ask him to come here?"

Vanja: "Why don't you ask her yourself?"

Sakuno: "So that's the first thing you had to say. How about the second one?"
Vanja: "Yeah, right, about that... (Where did I leave the roses and the ring?)"

Marko: "Dude, you forgot these roses in the car."
Vanja: "Thanks dude, I owe you."

Marko: "And this box."
Vanja: "Why did you get them?"
Marko: "I noticed you left them when I went for more Vodka."

Sakuno: "What?"
Vanja: "Where were we?"

Vanja: "Oh yes: Sakuno, would you be my white and pink ornament?"

Sakuno: * gasp * "Wait, what?"

Vanja: "I mean, my Valentine. Would you be my Valentine?"

Sakuno: "Yes, yes, of course!!"

Sakuno: "What a beautiful ring..."

Sakuno: "Although... "

Sakuno: "... It's a little bit big don't you think?"

Vanja: "Yeah well... I couldn't think of any non conspicuous way to ask for your ring size."

Sakuno: "Oh Vanja, you have no idea how happy you've made me today."
Vanja: "Not as happy as I feel right now. Give me a hug."
Sakuno: "I love you, I love you, I love you."
Vanja: *smiles*

Vanja: "I love you too." <3


Marko: "... And then she asked me 'hey what conditioner do you use?' and then I said 'none dudette, my hair is just that cool...' "
Manaka: * making noises *
Kristen: * giggles *

Manaka: "Am I doing it right?"
Marko: "Yes kiddo, you're doing great."

Marko: "And then she said 'all your heart are belong to me' and then I said 'Mitä helvettiä sinä puhut? Oletko huumeita?'..."
Kristen: * giggles more *
Manaka: * Bad-dum-Tiss *


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  1. Love it! The interactions are fantastic, the poses and camera angles are so expressive!