miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

[Photo Story] Three big heads


Little Vanja: "Uh... Hello Hope. Are you feeling alright?"
Hope: "Hum... "

Hope: "Not really."

L. Vanja: "Why? What happened?"
Hope: "Nothing special. You know, sometimes you just get up on the wrong side of the bed."

L. Vanja: "Yes, that happens sometimes. But you know what?"
Hope: "?"

L. Vanja: "Try to think of the nice things that happen in your life."

L. Vanja: "Like this beautiful day we have today, with such a bright and beautiful sun."

Hope: "I know you want to cheer me up, but today I just... Don't feel in the mood."

L. Vanja: "Hum, we need to change that situation."

L. Vanja: "I go it!"

L. Vanja: "What about... ?"
Hope: "?"
L. Vanja: "Wait for it."

L. Vanja: "Tada~ ♫!"
Hope: "Oh!"

Hope: "It is very pretty Vanja, but... "
L. Vanja: "What is it?"

Hope: "... It is so colorful and... Pink."
L. Vanja: u.u "I thought you would like it."
Little May: "Did you say colorful and pink?"

L. May: "I want it! Please please please!!!"

L. May: "It is a really cute penguin!"

L. Vanja: "Oh well. I guess you can have it."
L. May: "Weee! Thank you so, so much!"

L. May: "I promise I'll take good care of her."
L. Vanja: "Hey May, wouldn't you still happen to have... ?"

L. May: "Oh, Say no more! I know what you mean!"

L. May: "I'll be back in a minute. You guys keep on talking."
L. Vanja: "Uh, OK."

L. Vanja: "So, hum... Tell me more about you."
Hope: "About me? What would you like to know about me?"

L. Vanja: "Dunno, isn't your name Hope? Maybe you can tell me about your dreams."

L. Vanja: "For instance, I want to become a great singer when I grow older."
Hope: "Oh, that sounds really interesting!"
L. Vanja: "Doesn't it?"
Hope: "I didn't know that you could sing."
L. Vanja: "Well... I try my best."

L. May: *Huff puff* "Here Hope. This giraffe was mine but... "

L. May: "... I think it suits you more. You can have him."
Hope: "Oh, it's beautiful! It's just perfect for me! Thank you so much! This will surely brighten my mood. I'll call it... Bonzo!"
L. Vanja: "Thank you May, I owe you one."

Hope: "By the way, I just noticed something. You guys have the same brown eyes!"
L. Vanja: "Is that so?"

L. Vanja and L. May: "You're right!"

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  1. Dawwww <3 How cute! I really love how you make the expressions really work for each moment!