lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Who will be gone?


In my doll family I'm the invisible and omnipresent owner. They live their lives and they don't know I exist, but I've always been curious about those owners who are part of their dolls lives. Some of them are called "lady", "sir", "mom" or "dad." I thought "what if I broke the fourth wall at least for one day", and I spread the false rumour that I was getting a new doll, and in order to get this done I'd have to get rid of one of them. Many of them listened to it while a few didn't. Those who did explained to me why they should stay here (or not).

Glenn: "It has been said that you will get rid of one of us. It won't be me, obviously, as I must be one, if not your favorite."
Me: "You surely got high self-esteem."
Glenn: "It is more than obvious, beside I was one of your first characters. We've been together for longer than a decade."
Me: "I know ;_; "

viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Lukkas' First fanmail


Vanja: "I can't beat this game."
Tian: "What game are you playing?"

Vanja: "Doesn't matter. I lost again."
Tian: "Uh, that one."

miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Forgiveness


Marko: "Are you still mad because I didn't show up the other day?"
Kristen: "What do you think?"

Kristen: "I can't imagine the amount of alcohol you had to drink to have such a hangover."
Marko: "It was a lot. And I really didn't feel well."

[Photo-Story] The Buried Treasure


Martin: "According to this map... "

Martin: "... The treasure is buried... "

Martin: "... Right here."

[Photo-Story] New Pants


Manager: "So... ?"
Vanja: "They fit nice."
Tian: "Mine are a tad big but I can live with it."

[Gallery] Cold Blooded

[Photo-Story] Soap Opera (Part 3)


Edward: "I can't believe Lady Salica went to Japan and didn't bring me anything... "

Marko: "Hey dude who are you talking to?"
Edward: "Nobody, I was just thinking aloud. What's the matter?"

Marko: "Have you seen Kristen? I've been looking around the place... "
Edward: "Have you tried the bathroom?"
Marko: "Dude I can't peek there!"

[Gallery] Blooming Spring


[Photo-Story] Eze's New Girlfriend


Ezequiel: "Hey Pavel! Did you meet my girlfriend?"
Pavel: "N-no... Don't think so... "

Ezequiel: "Joanne, meet Pavel. Pavel, she is Joanne."
Joanne: "Nice meeting you!"
Pavel: "... "

Pavel: "Nice meeting you too. Ehm, Eze, could I talk to you for a minute?"
Ezequiel: "Sure!"

[Photo-Story] Pavel wants a girlfriend


Pavel: "You know Eze, I really want a girlfriend."
Ezequiel: "A girlfriend? What's your type?"

[Gallery] Live Concert


[Photo-Story] Iron Fist Manaka


Nestor: "So, hum... What is this game called again?"

Rebecca: "It's called Lego. You just interlock these bricks to create shapes."

[Photo-Story] You can't change me


Anastasia: "Hey Annie, what are you doing?"
Annie: "I'm reading an Oscar Wilde's book: it is really interesting.

[Photo-Story] Lovebirds


Vanja: "Hey Saskia, do you know why Sakuno is taking so long?"
Saskia: "I think she's prepping to go out with you."

Saskia: "She wants to look pretty for you."

Vanja: "But she's pretty already, why do women do that?"

[Gallery] Ivory and Burgundy


[Photo-Story] Soap Opera


Kristen: "Hello guys."
Vanja: "I called Sakuno and she said it was OK to visit over."
Marko: "I just came over because reasons."

Kristen: "It's all good. Sakuno really wanted to see you, Vanja... "

Vanja: "Is that so? I couldn't identify her state of mind through the cellphone. Didn't know whether she was happy or crying or what."

[Photo-Story] Let's Dance


Edward: "Hey Milhi, look at what I found in the basement."
Milhi: "What a nice jukebox!"
Edward: "Isn't it? Would you like to dance with me?"

[Photo-Story] Thank you!


Akemi: "Hum... "

Akemi: "My drawings are really bad."

Akemi: "This is so frustrating. I really wanted to draw something pretty as a 'thank you' for Mrs. Salica."

[Photo-Story] Idealian vs Herculean


Marko: "Rumors are that you think you're superior than everyone else here."
Tamuz: "They're not rumors. They're a fact."

Marko: "I see... You really need to develop humility, my friend. How would you like a challenge?"
Tamuz: "Do you really want me to beat the crap out of you?"

[Gallery] In the Woods


[Photo-Story] Love hurts


Vanja: "Boohoho... Sakuno, why... " *sob*
Marko: "Can't stand this guy when he's like this."

[Photo-Story] Pink and White ornaments


Sakuno: "Hello Vanja, it makes me so glad to see you here!"
Vanja: "Same here. You look so... "

Vanja: "... Big. Er I mean... Sexy. You look sexy today."
Sakuno: "Oh, thank you" *blushes*