martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

[Photo Story] Play Time

(This is an old photo story, I forgot to add it before)


Manaka: "Hey Akemi, how do you like your tea?"
Akemi: "It's really good, I like it. What about your lemon pie?"

Manaka: "It's delicious. You're a very good cook!"

Akemi: "Thank you!" *blushes* "I guess I just like cooking and... "

Manaka: "... What's going on?"

Mashiro: "Why don't you girls go to sleep? You're just past your bedtime anyway."

Glenn: "Maybe we should be the ones getting to the bedroom."

Manaka: "What? Why are you doing this to us?"

Manaka: "Why are you so disrespectful? We're just having dessert here."

Mashiro: "You can always go away... "
Glenn: "... And come back in ten years, more or less."

Manaka: "Ugh... Adults."
Akemi: "Huh... Ten years? Why ten years?"


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