viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

[Photo Story] Fuzzy face


For the purposes of this absurd photo story let's imagine that Paul is not blind and that he can actually grow out a beard.

Glenn: "Well, I leave for a couple of weeks and you grow out a beard."
Paul: "It was actually five months."

Glenn:  "Five months already? I'm surprised you can still keep track of time. Perhaps you're slowly turning back into a human."
Paul: "What a wishful thought, but unfortunately I haven't felt any different than usual."

Glenn: "Come to think of it... "
Paul: "... Yeah?"
Glenn: "I've never kissed a bearded man."

Glenn: "Ouch!"

Glenn: "That was really uncalled for."
Paul: "You never take a 'no' for answer."
Glenn: "Damn, you know me."

Glenn: "I always underestimate your strength. You broke my nose into literally one hundred pieces."
Paul: "You'll recover."
Glenn: "... I still have feelings towards you."

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