viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

[Photo Story] Love at first sight


L. Vanja: "Hey May, what are you doing?"
L. May: "I'm watching my favorite movie."

L. Vanja: "Is that so?"
L. May: "Come, let's watch it together."
L. Vanja: "OK... "

L. Vanja: "Oh, it's The Little Mermaid."
L. May: "Yes! Isn't she amazing? I wish I could sing like her... "

L. May: "... and become a mermaid someday and-"
L. Vanja: "-Wait... "

L. Vanja: "Who's there?"

Sakuno: "Hello May. Sorry for coming like this but the door was open and... "
L. May: "Couldn't you just knock at the door?"

L. Vanja: "W-who's her?"
L. May: "She's my friend Sakuno."

L. Vanja: "Y-your friend? She's so pretty... Could you introduce us?"
L. May: "Introduce yourself, don't be shy."
L. Vanja: "B-but I... "

Sakuno: *Sits down pushing them away* "Who are you?!"
L. Vanja: "I-I, eh... !"
L. May: "Woa woa woa!"

L. May: "Sakuno, are you crazy?"

L. May: "I'm leaving."
L. Vanja: "No May please, don't go... "

Sakuno: "Who are you? Where do you come from? What's your name?"
L. Vanja: "Eh? M-my name is Vanja... "

Sakuno: "Really? What a beautiful name... "
L. Vanja: "Do you think so? Maybe I should thank my mom."

Sakuno: "What is that?"
L. Vanja: "This... Do you like pink?"
Sakuno: "I love it! It's my favorite color."

L. Vanja: "Then please accept this gift."
Sakuno: "Oh!"

Sakuno: "What a cute little pigglet. You shouldn't have..."
L. Vanja: "Nah, it's OK. Keep it, I want it to be yours."

L. May: "Vanja, what are you doing?"
L. Vanja: "Eh?"

L. May: "That's your favorite plushie! Have you become insane?"

L. Vanja: "It is not, it's just another plushie from my collection."

L. May: "Don't be such a liar, you carry it with you wherever you go and you even sleep with it. Everyone knows it."

Sakuno: "Is that true?"
L. Vanja: "W-well, I might have brought it with me sometimes and also it might be true that my mom gave it to me a long time ago and... "

Sakuno: "That's the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me!"
L. Vanja: "Sakuno, what are you doing? You're scaring me a little... "

L. Vanja: "Sakuno, you're getting too close!"
Sakuno: "Vanja, kiss me... "
L. Vanja: "What!?"

L. Vanja: "Ah! What are you doing?!"
L. May: "Guys get a room."

L. Vanja: "May, save me!!!!!"
L. May: "Pffft, as if."


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  1. This is awesome! Now Vanja will learn that world is a mysterious and ever changing place.