miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

[Photo Story] Sakuno the Designer


Sakuno: "... So how would you like that to look like?"
Marko: "Fierce, of course. Showing its fangs or something."

Sakuno: "Hum... Let's see what we can find as references... "

Sakuno: "Anything that you like?"
Marko: "That fourth one in the third row looks neat."

Marko: "Yeah, that would look good on my right arm."
Sakuno: "Alright, I'll start designing it and I'll be showing you previews later. Is that good?"
Marko: "Sounds awesome. Thank you Sakuno."

Sakuno: "What about you, Vanja?"

Vanja: "?"
Sakuno: "Wouldn't you like it if I designed a tattoo for you too?"

Vanja: "I'd love to, Sakuno, but I still have no idea what I'd like. It's alright, I'm not in a hurry. There are however three things I won't want on my skin."

Vanja: "Tribals because they're not brutal any more -even grannies have them on their butts. Neither faces nor your name."
Marko: "Dude you're royally screwed."

Sakuno: "What?! What's wrong with my name?"
Vanja: "Don't take it like that sweetie. I just think getting a tattoo of your girlfriend's name is stupid."
Marko: (Dude shut up!)

Sakuno: "So now I'm stupid to you? Is that what you're saying?!"

Vanja: "Of course not! You're twisting my words!"
Marko: "Oh boy."

Sakuno: "I thought that you loved me!!!" *cries*
Vanja: "Of course I do, hun."

Sakuno: "Don't touch me! I can't believe we're going to break up again! I won't be able to endure this pain!"
Vanja: "Wait, what? Nobody talked about breaking up?!"

Vanja: "We're not breaking up. And you know what? I just had an idea."
Sakuno: *sobs* "What is it?" *sobs*

Vanja: "I'm going to incorporate Sakura flowers to whatever design I'll have OK? That way I'll always have you with me."

Sakuno: "R-really?"
Vanja: "I promise."
Sakuno: "Uh, OK. I feel better all of a sudden."

Sakuno: "I'm going to get some drinks, OK?" <3
Vanja: "Sure."

Vanja: *sits down* "This woman somtimes, I swear to God... "
Marko: "That's the price you have to pay for going out with the volatile drama queen of this place."

Edward: "What's up "Casanova"? Already losing your touch?"

Vanja: "Ugh! Shut up! Not you of all people!!"

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  1. I feel for him, I really do. I'm a bit like that during, you know, certain times of the month, so maybe my boyfriend feels more for him than me, but you know. Poor boy.

  2. Well you're not so bad if you realize how you behave during those certain times and what your bf has to put up with you : P