domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

[Photo Story] Manaka is confused


Manaka: "So uhm do you also come from the past?"

Coltrane: "Yes, I do. I still don't understand the titbits of time travel, but I'm here right now anyway."

Manaka: "I see, I see... Just like this Néstor guy. You must know him."

Coltrane: "Why should I know him?"

Manaka: "Why? Aren't you all like living together in the same place or something?"
Coltrane: "I'm only living with Martin and his family."

Manaka: (So he does not know Néstor! That means I can activate my master Manaka plan to kick boys out!™ )

Manaka: "Hey, do you know what we do in this place when a boy comes in?"
Coltrane: "Hum... Dress him in girl clothes?"

Manaka: "What? How did you guess?!"
Coltrane: "I can't think of anything more humiliating."
Manaka: "And what if I force you to wear a skirt?"
Coltrane: "I'm used to not wearing pants... Beside Martin's mom thought I looked cute wearing a kilt."

Manaka: (This can't be happening! I can't use my master plan on him!)
Coltrane: "Are you OK?"

Manaka: "Yes, of course!" (I need to think of something else fast). "So hum... Did you play chess back in your time?"

Coltrane: "No, I did not have any games or toys to play with."

Manaka: "None? So how did you have fun?"

Coltrane: "Well we dug for earthworms and we had competitions, see who could get the largest one."

Coltrane: "I did not have toys like the rich kids did. So I had to play with was available on the ground, or trees, or... "

Coltrane: "... I liked playing with frogs too."
Manaka: (Oh no, that sounds so disgusting, but so neat at the same time). "Were you a poor kid?"

Coltrane: "Worse than poor. I was a slave."
Manaka: "Oh my! Why?"
Coltrane: "Because my parents sold me when I was 2yo. But back to the how we had fun topic, I was always looking forward Annie's singing after a long day of labour."

Coltrane: "I always told her that when we grew older I'd marry her. But that was impossible, of course."
Manaka: "Why?"

Coltrane: "She was black."
Manaka: (Is he for real?)

Manaka: (Are all these things true? If so, he must have had a miserable life).

Manaka: (But, what is this that I'm feeling? It kinda hurts... )

Coltrane: "Do you always space out like this?"
Manaka: "Eh? "

Manaka: "May I ask you something?"
Coltrane: "What is it?"
Manaka: "Could you get closer to me?"

Coltrane: "Like this?"
Manaka: "Yes, like this."

Manaka: *SLAP*
Coltrane: "Ouch!"

Coltrane: "What was that for?!"
Manaka: "I like you?"

Coltrane: "Wait a minute. You like me therefore you slap me? What kind of nonsense is that?"
Manaka: "But Sakuno slapped Vanja when they first met! Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you like someone?"

Coltrane: "I'm... Pretty sure it was a misunderstanding."
Manaka: "Oh... "

*Awkward silence*

Coltrane: "So, you said you like me?"
Manaka: "Uh-huh."

Coltrane: "I'm sorry to break it for you, but what you really feel is pity."
Manaka: "Pity?"

Coltrane: "Yes, pity. And I really hate it when people pity me. I don't know what I was thinking telling you about my life."
Manaka: "B-b-but... "

Coltrane: "Let me know when you stop lying to yourself. Until then..."
Manaka: "What?!"

Manaka: "Please, don't go!"

Manaka: "Coltrane?!"


Abigail: "What happened to her?"

Anastasya: "You won't believe this, but this was Manaka's first love disappointment."
Manaka: "Boohohoho!!!!"

Eloise: "Well, tell her to get used to it."
Anastasya: "Aw Eloise, don't be cruel to her!"
Manaka: *sobs*

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