viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

[Photo Story] Valentine's surprise


Megan: "Hello Vanja, you look different today."

Vanja: "Do I? Must be because I washed my hair."

Megan: (Ew, gross!) "No I mean, what you're wearing is different this time."
Vanja: "Oh, this? I stol- *cough* I mean borrowed it... From a friend."

Kristen: "Hey Vanja, where's Marko? I'm waiting for him."

Vanja: "You're gonna have to wait a little longer, as he's been looking for your present for hours."
Kristen: "That's so him, leaving everything for last minute."

Vanja: "Speaking of last minute... What's Sakuno doing?"
Megan: "You see, she's taking her sweet time."

Megan: "She mentioned something about a big surprise, mind you. I honestly have no clue."
Vanja: "A surprise? For me?"
Sakuno: (off screen) "Helloooo~ I'm ready!"

*Everyone shocks*
Megan: "S-Sakuno... What are you wearing?"

Sakuno: "Eto, well... You see... "

Kristen: "Are you doing this because of a man? I drew my line dressing up as a Japanese highschool girl."
Megan: "I think you should take it off before mom sees you."

Sakuno: "But it was her idea!"

Megan: "Uhm, Vanja... Are you nosebleeding?"

Vanja: "N-no, not at all!"

Vanja: "Excuse me."
Megan: "Hey!"

Vanja: "Beautiful, beautiful Sakuno. I shall thank your mother."

Sakuno: "My mother?"

Vanja: "And you, my dear, you too. I thank you for being such a good girl and heeding her."

Kristen: "Pst, let's get out of here. When these two get together they get really annoying."

Sakuno: "Did you like my surpise?"
Vanja: "Oh yes of course, I loved it."
Sakuno: <3

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