domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

[Photo-Story] Can I have this dance?


??: "So we finally meet, lady Melty."

Melty: "Ahd who could you be? Who did invite you?" (He's so tall!)

Stravos: "No one did. The name is Stravos Hjärnas, and I just came to confirm something..."

Melty: "Which is... ?"

Stravos: "That you are...

Stravos: "... As beautiful as they say."

Melty: "T-thank you." *blushes* "Who told you this?"

Stravos: "A little bird. Can I have this dance?"
Melty: "Y-yes... "

Melty: "And what else did this little bird tell you about me?"
Stravos: "That you were also a very smart and well mannered girl."

Melty: "How do I know that you are different from the other couple of 'gentlemen' who arrived to this place?"

Stravos: "Let me assure you I'm not like the rest."

Stravos: "Unlike the previous men I do have... "

Stravos: "... Brains."

Melty: *gasp!*

Stravos: *puts face back on* "Oh no... Not again."

Melty: *faints*
Stravos: "Lady Melty!"

Stravos: "Lady Melty please wake up!"

Tori: "Argh! Daddy stop doing that, or else I'll never have a mommy!"

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